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Anxiety Counselling Geelong

Are you suffering with anxiety and looking for some adult counselling in Geelong? If you struggle with symptoms of anxiety, you are not alone. In fact, in any one year in Australia approximately 2 million adults have anxiety. The good news is that Anxiety it is very treatable and counselling can help.

If you are an anxious person, you may work hard to hide this from other people. From the outside people may see you as someone who is always in control of situations, organised, very good at planning, someone who works very hard, is a high achiever or perfectionist, is always punctual or perhaps thoughtful of others. On the inside however, you might feel insecure, lacking in confidence, on edge, or maybe you feel on the brink of panic or overwhelm some days.

Your anxious feelings can lead to being very preoccupied with pleasing other people, even at great cost to yourself. Anxiety can result in you avoiding people, places or things just to make your life easier. It can leave you feeling constantly afraid that your performance at work is not good enough or that you will not have anything interesting to say at that social event on the weekend. The standards you set for yourself might be unrelenting and unhealthy.

Anxiety gets worse when left untreated. Over time you learn to manage or hide your true feelings, and you find ways to avoid certain situations that trigger panic in you. Yet as time passes, your life can become smaller and smaller, more and more controlled or restricted. You don’t experience any freedom in your life.

At Mindwell Psychology, we frequently work with adults who experience anxiety in all its forms. Our approach is to gain insight into the underlying causes of your symptoms which are unique to the individual. See our page about Anxiety Therapy for more information or Contact Mindwell today to book a session.

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Counselling for post-natal depression in Geelong

Are you in Geelong and suffering from post-natal depression? Counselling for post-natal depression can help you feel better.

Pregnancy and the birth of a child is a time when women undergo the most significant physical, psychological, emotional and social changes in their lives. If you are a new mother, how you adapt to these changes, and also how your partner and other loved ones adapt, can have a huge impact on your mental health. Symptoms of depression or anxiety are also common in men who are adjusting to their new role as a parent and coming to terms with huge changes affecting their lives too.

In the post-natal period, women’s mental health is particularly vulnerable, especially if already under stress from relationship, family, financial, work, health or social pressures. There is added risk if you have experienced anxiety, depression or other mental health concerns in the past. Seeking timely and helpful support at this critical point can be very beneficial, not only for you, but also for your baby and the development of your important relationship.

Common symptoms of post-natal depression or anxiety in men an women include:

  • Feeling on edge or anxious
  • Excessive worry
  • Panic attacks
  • Low confidence
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Feeling of guilt or inadequacy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling miserable
  • Tearfulness
  • Feeling worthless
  • Low self-esteem
  • Irritability or anger
  • Self-critical thoughts
  • Suicidal thoughts

If you have experienced any of these symptoms following the birth of your child, seeing a therapist can help you find ways to adjust to being a parent, get back on track, reduce symptoms, and improve how you feel about yourself and your baby.

Psychologists can help with many aspects of this life stage including pregnancy planning, preparing for parenthood, adjusting to parenthood, exploring changes in identity and roles, understanding past and present attachment issues in the transition to motherhood or fatherhood and managing new family dynamics. For more information about attachment and motherhood see the Peri-natal page, or you can also book an appointment at Mindwell for support.


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COVID Lockdown and increase in family violence

COVID-19 lockdowns have created a “shadow pandemic” of family violence. Current exposure to job loss or change, financial strain, family pressures from home schooling or changed child care arrangements, coupled with spending increased time together at home and being cut off from normal social connections that might buffer some of these stressors, is putting extreme pressure on family relationships.

Dealing with these pressures may require professional help. At Mindwell we have seen the direct impact that COVID-19 is having on the mental health and welfare of families. See our Services for more info.

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Depression and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to an increase in people seeking support for symptoms of depression in the Geelong region.

The most common symptoms of depression include feeling unusually flat, sad or hopeless, getting irritated easily, having suicidal thoughts, lacking motivation, having difficulty making decisions or concentrating, and experiencing changes to sleep or appetite.

The stress brought on by the current state of uncertainty, and the significant changes to our work, finances and lifestyle can precipitate symptoms of depression. Depression is a common mental health condition that is regularly and successfully treated by psychologists. See our Psychotherapy page for more information or to book an appointment. 




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