Understanding Attachment: Counselling for new mothers" />

Understanding Attachment: Counselling for new mothers

New mothers in Geelong: Understanding Attachment, past and present.

Psychologists are interested in how a women’s identity changes from being a child who is dependent on her own mother, to a parent who has a child depending on her. In adapting to this enormous change, women tap into their own relationship history with their mother/caregiver. These memories of mothering that we identify with and repeat most powerfully are mostly unconscious, stored in the procedural memory. In this way, the quality and style of attachment that one experienced as a child has a significant impact on one’s own mothering. This is how our attachment style is transmitted inter-generationally and unconsciously. Psychodynamic therapy can be helpful in uncovering these unconscious patterns, bringing them into awareness and working through any unresolved issues that exist in the mother-child relationship. Engaging in therapy during the perinatal period can help women navigate this transition to understand and enrich their mother-infant relationships. Get in touch with the team at Mindwell today for more information or to book an appointment.


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Psychodynamic Therapy for Adults in Geelong

What exactly is psychodynamic therapy? How is it different from other approaches and how might it help you?

Psychodynamic therapy is an “insight-oriented” therapy that focuses on helping you explore unconscious aspects of yourself. It aims to uncover internal and interpersonal processes that might affect your relationships or cause mental distress in the form of symptoms like anxiety and depression. We know that our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are heavily influenced by conflicts that are out of our conscious awareness. A psychodynamic therapist is trained to tune into these aspects and help you gain a deeper understanding about how they impact your life. It aims to bring unconscious conflicts into the present experience, so they can be understood, processed and resolved. A bi-product of this process is relief from symptoms such as anxiety or depressed mood. While psychodynamic therapy has its roots in Freudian psychoanalysis, it is practised in a less intense way and involves sitting in a chair rather than lying on a couch.

Psychodynamic therapy can be very helpful if you don’t understand why you keep repeating the same patterns in relationships, or if you have tried other forms of therapy but found them lacking or too superficial. It can be very useful for understanding the underlying cause of psychological symptoms such as (but not limited to) excessive worrying, social anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, low mood, suicidal thoughts, lack of motivation or chronic irritability. It aims to improve your self-awareness, understanding the influence of the past on your present behaviour, and deal with the root cause of symptoms rather than providing strategies to manage them. This is quite different to strategy-based therapies such as CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy), usually more focused on problem-solving and providing strategies to change.

If you decide to try this approach, you can expect to learn much more about yourself, grow to handle difficulties in life in a more adaptive and healthy way, remove blocks to moving forward in your life, improve your relationship with others, improve your relationship with yourself, and increase your productivity. While it may take longer to reach a resolution, psychodynamic therapy can certainly provide more lasting relief from symptoms.

At Mindwell our team has a special interest in treating adults with a range of psychological symptoms using a psychodynamic approach. We also use a blend of other therapy approaches depending on your specific needs. If you have any questions or want to book in for a consultations please call us.

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Relationship counselling Geelong

Are you having problems in your relationships and looking for counselling in Geelong? Adult counselling can help you understand and overcome many issues to do with your intimate and interpersonal relationships.

Relationship problems can range from minor challenges to persistent and deeply ingrained negative patterns: For example, do you struggle with aspects of relationships such as opening up and being vulnerable, developing trust, communicating effectively, dealing with conflict? Do you find it hard to really connect with others beyond the surface level? Are you passive-aggressive, a chronic people-pleaser, or do you lose yourself easily when in relationships? Do you often encounter feelings of anxiety, frustration, jealousy, insecurity, or dissatisfaction when it comes to relationships? Perhaps you have difficulty maintaining friendships or have very intense but short-lived relationships? When we repeatedly experience challenges in our relationships, whether it be with friends, colleagues, intimate partners, or family members, it can lead to feelings of emptiness, shame, confusion, loneliness and unhappiness.

The way in which we relate to others and the quality of our adult relationships stems from our early attachment relationships. Exploring the relationship dynamics of our family of origin in counselling can help people understand and unlock negative patterns they experience as adults. Individual adult counselling with a psychodynamic or interpersonal therapist can help shine a light on these unconscious or obscured aspects of self. Mindwell Psychology is a team of highly trained professional psychologists in the Geelong area who specialise in adult counselling for interpersonal and relationship issues. Contact us today and make an appointment.


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Therapy for trust issues in Geelong

Are you an adult looking for therapy around trust issues and relationships in the Geelong region?  You need to see an adult therapist trained to help with interpersonal and relationship issues.

Are you wondering why:

  • Your relationships do not feel close or satisfying?
  • Relationships trigger feelings of anxiety, shame or worthlessness?
  • You struggle to let people in?
  • It is really hard to trust people, especially those closest to you.
  • You expect people to hurt, use or betray you?
  • People close to you have mistreated, abused or taken advantage of you?
  • You always feel on guard and need to protect yourself in relationships?
  • You try to hurt people or test them before they hurt you?

This may be because your experience of relationships throughout life has been painful, and so close relationships are not spaces where you feel safe, secure or allow yourself to be vulnerable. Perhaps you have experienced some form of abuse. You tend to feel suspicious, untrusting, or hypervigilant to being hurt. Essentially your brain is preparing for the worst case scenario, which is to be hurt, shamed or let down again. Sometimes you wonder if it would be easier to be alone than to keep trying with relationships. At the same time, there is a part of you that desperately wants connection in your life. This part of you wants to feel loved, satisfied, secure and happy, and it seeks closeness. Ultimately you just want to experience less anxiety and pain when it comes to relationships.

If you can relate to these feelings and experiences, then adult interpersonal therapy could be very useful for understanding and dealing with this recurring pattern. However, your psychologist needs to be skilled at treating interpersonal and relationship issues. At Mindwell, this type of adult therapy is our specialty and the team are passionate, highly trained, and effective in helping people overcome these interpersonal issues to get more out of life. See our page on interpersonal and relationship therapy or  make an appointment today to see one of our psychologists.

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