New mothers in Geelong: Understanding Attachment, past and present.

Psychologists are interested in how a women’s identity changes from being a child who is dependent on her own mother, to a parent who has a child depending on her. In adapting to this enormous change, women tap into their own relationship history with their mother/caregiver. These memories of mothering that we identify with and repeat most powerfully are mostly unconscious, stored in the procedural memory. In this way, the quality and style of attachment that one experienced as a child has a significant impact on one’s own mothering. This is how our attachment style is transmitted inter-generationally and unconsciously. Psychodynamic therapy can be helpful in uncovering these unconscious patterns, bringing them into awareness and working through any unresolved issues that exist in the mother-child relationship. Engaging in therapy during the perinatal period can help women navigate this transition to understand and enrich their mother-infant relationships. Get in touch with the team at Mindwell today for more information or to book an appointment.