Are you having problems in your relationships and looking for counselling in Geelong? Adult counselling can help you understand and overcome many issues to do with your intimate and interpersonal relationships.

Relationship problems can range from minor challenges to persistent and deeply ingrained negative patterns: For example, do you struggle with aspects of relationships such as opening up and being vulnerable, developing trust, communicating effectively, dealing with conflict? Do you find it hard to really connect with others beyond the surface level? Are you passive-aggressive, a chronic people-pleaser, or do you lose yourself easily when in relationships? Do you often encounter feelings of anxiety, frustration, jealousy, insecurity, or dissatisfaction when it comes to relationships? Perhaps you have difficulty maintaining friendships or have very intense but short-lived relationships? When we repeatedly experience challenges in our relationships, whether it be with friends, colleagues, intimate partners, or family members, it can lead to feelings of emptiness, shame, confusion, loneliness and unhappiness.

The way in which we relate to others and the quality of our adult relationships stems from our early attachment relationships. Exploring the relationship dynamics of our family of origin in counselling can help people understand and unlock negative patterns they experience as adults. Individual adult counselling with a psychodynamic or interpersonal therapist can help shine a light on these unconscious or obscured aspects of self. Mindwell Psychology is a team of highly trained professional psychologists in the Geelong area who specialise in adult counselling for interpersonal and relationship issues. Contact us today and make an appointment.