Are you an adult looking for therapy around trust issues and relationships in the Geelong region?  You need to see an adult therapist trained to help with interpersonal and relationship issues.

Are you wondering why:

  • Your relationships do not feel close or satisfying?
  • Relationships trigger feelings of anxiety, shame or worthlessness?
  • You struggle to let people in?
  • It is really hard to trust people, especially those closest to you.
  • You expect people to hurt, use or betray you?
  • People close to you have mistreated, abused or taken advantage of you?
  • You always feel on guard and need to protect yourself in relationships?
  • You try to hurt people or test them before they hurt you?

This may be because your experience of relationships throughout life has been painful, and so close relationships are not spaces where you feel safe, secure or allow yourself to be vulnerable. Perhaps you have experienced some form of abuse. You tend to feel suspicious, untrusting, or hypervigilant to being hurt. Essentially your brain is preparing for the worst case scenario, which is to be hurt, shamed or let down again. Sometimes you wonder if it would be easier to be alone than to keep trying with relationships. At the same time, there is a part of you that desperately wants connection in your life. This part of you wants to feel loved, satisfied, secure and happy, and it seeks closeness. Ultimately you just want to experience less anxiety and pain when it comes to relationships.

If you can relate to these feelings and experiences, then adult interpersonal therapy could be very useful for understanding and dealing with this recurring pattern. However, your psychologist needs to be skilled at treating interpersonal and relationship issues. At Mindwell, this type of adult therapy is our specialty and the team are passionate, highly trained, and effective in helping people overcome these interpersonal issues to get more out of life. See our page on interpersonal and relationship therapy or  make an appointment today to see one of our psychologists.