Psychotherapy Geelong

What is psychotherapy?

The Mindwell team are experts in using psychotherapy, otherwise known as “talk therapy”, to treat the full range of mental health conditions and deal with challenges life issues. Psychotherapy is a set of purposeful techniques based on scientific theory and evidence. This form of treatment is well-established, effective and long-lasting.

How many psychotherapy sessions will I need?

Everyone’s therapeutic journey is different and the length of treatment required to treat psychological issues can vary from person to person. This can depend on your psychological history, the severity of your concerns, what therapeutic goals you are hoping to achieve, whether you have had any therapy before, and how regularly you are able to attend. Length of treatment will be discussed with you during the assessment process.

Mindwell Psychology provides a full range of psychotherapy “talk therapy” services from our clinic in Belmont, Geelong. If you require a psychologist for depression counsellingcouples and marriage counsellingtraumagrief or anxiety contact our local Geelong psychology team.