Peri-natal counselling Belmont, Geelong

Pregnancy and the birth of a child is a time of massive physical, psychological, emotional and social change for women. How a person adapts to these significant changes in their life, and also how their partners and other loved ones adapt, can impact on her mental health. The peri-natal period is a vulnerable period for women, particularly when already under stress or if there is a history of anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. Seeking timely and helpful support at this critical point has a huge influence on the individual mother, but also her baby and the development of their relationship.

Mindwell offers counselling support to anyone:

  • Planning a pregnancy or currently pregnant
  • Adjusting to the idea of becoming a parent
  • Wanting to prepare psychologically for the arrival of your baby
  • With a history of mental health issues related to pregnancy or birth
  • Having experienced miscarriage
  • Having experienced trauma or loss related to pregnancy or birth
  • Experiencing symptoms of anxiety or changes in mood related to pregnancy or birth of a child

We can also provide therapeutic support in helping people adjust to parenthood by:

  • Exploring thoughts and feelings related to this life change
  • Exploring changes in identity and roles
  • Understanding past or present attachment issues in the transition to motherhood
  • Managing new family dynamics and family relationships