About Jessica


Qualifications & Affiliations

Dr Jessica Cooke is a Registered Clinical Psychologist with AHPRA and has completed a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at Victoria University. She has also completed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology at the University of Melbourne. Jessica is a Member of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA), and strictly adheres to the principles of professional conduct and confidentiality.

Jessica’s Approach

Jessica provides a reflective space where patients can explore their inner experience through psychotherapy. She fosters personal understanding and growth in her patients so they can gain the necessary insight to overcome obstacles, reach their goals, and achieve meaningful and lasting change in their lives. Jessica can assist you with a range of therapeutic goals such as:

  • reducing distress and improving overall well-being
  • managing symptoms of anxiety or depression
  • recovering from trauma, abuse or loss
  • adjusting to parenthood and other stage of life changes
  • exploring your feelings, reactions or behavioural patterns and learning to change them
  • understanding and improving relationships
  • creating space for self-reflection in your life
  • increasing self-awareness
  • fostering personal development
Work History & Special Interests

Jessica is an established and experienced private practitioner who has been providing treatment to the residents of Geelong since 2015. Prior to moving into private practice, Jessica worked for several years with vulnerable and traumatised children where she trained in Bruce Perry’s Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics and refined her trauma-informed approach. Through this work, Jessica developed an interest in the neuroscience that underpins relationships, healing, and the process of psychotherapy, which enriches her practice today. She has also worked closely with the veteran community and their families, and has many years experience working with people suffering from addictions.

Jessica has a special interest and experience in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions and interpersonal/relationship difficulties. In particular, she is skilled at helping her patients uncover and deal with unresolved issues form the past that create unhelpful repetitions or patterns in their current lives. She has received extensive training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and is passionate about using this approach with her patients. See Psychotherapy Types for more specific information about this type of therapy.